As you may know from my writing, I am a television junkie. As such, I am always asked about how to make juggling with remotes and finding the proper inputs easier. Here's the answer.

The Fire TV has been around for several years. It is a good device for streaming video. The new Fire TV Cube, like some of the Fire TVs has Alexa built-in so that you can give the television commands. You can also use it like a stand-alone Amazon Echo to answer questions, tell jokes, and even turn lights on and off.

The Cube, however, adds a new feature that is extremely useful. It can automatically change the television inputs for you. And you can use it with your cable subscription as well as for streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, and others. It also works to control DVD and Blueray players. Set up is simple and when complete you simply tell Alexa to turn on the TV. Tell her what you want to watch and she will change the inputs and turn that device and input on. She can even help you find something to watch.

My only disappointment with the device is that although it will play music through your TV or sound bar, it will not play whole-house music along with other Alexa devices. But as a television and device controller, the Cube is excellent.

The regular price of the Cube is $119. Holiday pricing is $69.99, quite a bargain!!