Quick Tips

Check Out the View Menu

Have you ever squinted at the tiny thumbnail photos that appear when you try to view the contents of a folder? If you have, then this tip is for you!  When you are viewing the contents of any folder on your computer, you can change the way you see the objects by clicking on the View menu.

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Make the Window Full Screen

Working with Windows can be fun, except when it seems to misbehave. If you have ever struggled because a program constantly opens in a small window when you would like to have it open in a large window that fills the screen. Here's how.

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Find That Program Quickly

One of the best things about Microsoft's newer operating systems is how easy it is to find the programs you want to use. If you have Vista or Windows 7, there is a very, very easy way to find any program or file on your computer. Here's how.

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Finding a Word on a Web page


Have you ever used Google or another search engine to find a certain word, and then be transported to a page where you couldn't find the word in all the text? Well, there is a very easy way to find any word on any Web page. I'll tell you all about it in this tip.

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Copy the Formatting

Getting your text to have just the right formatting can be a daunting task. And when you get the font, the size, and the color just right, you sometimes want to use that same look on some text further down on the document. Well this is an easy tack. Many programs have a format painter that will do all the work for you. Here's how.

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Reopening Closed Tabs


Have you ever closed a web page only to realize one minute later that you didn't mean to do that? Well, the new web browsers make it easy to reopen the page. Here's how.

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Minimize or Maximize a Window the Easy Way

windowslogo.jpgIn order to make a windows bigger or smaller, most people use one of the three icons in the upper right corner of the screen..... but you don't have to squint at them or struggle to get your cursor on exactly the right icon. There is an easier way. Here's the trick you need to know.

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