Quick Tips

Create a Shortcut on your Desktop

When you get a new computer, it often has shortcuts to some of the installed programs on the desktop. As you use the computer, you will want to create your own shortcut icons to make the desktop more useful. Here's a quick way to create a shortcut on your computer desktop.

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Get to the Start Menu Quickly

vistalogo.jpgThe Start menu has become more important than ever in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, but it is also useful even if you are still using Windows XP. There is an easy way to get to the Start menu. Here it is:

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Shortcut to Your Favorite Web Page

If you have a favorite webpage, you can put an icon on your desktop. Then clicking on that icon will open your web browser and take you directly to that page whenever you like. It's easy with this tip.

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Copy Anything on the Screen Easily

copystamp.jpgHave you ever wanted to save a picture or something you see on the Internet to keep for use later or to send to someone? Well, Windows Vista and Windows 7 make that simple to do. If you are still using Windows XP, read this tip. It will give you a little incentive to get a new computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8 on it.

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Get Rid of Aggravating Toolbars


Toolbars are the rows of icons that appear at the top of your computer screen. Toolbars that appear on your web browser window are a little like rabbits. They seem to multiply and sometimes you don't even know where they came from. Well, it may be time for a spring cleanup. Here's how to remove some of those toolbars and gain back your precious screen space.

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Move Back and Forth with the Mouse Wheel

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel between the two buttons, you can use it to do some pretty cool tricks. Here is a quick trick that lets you use your mouse wheel to surf the web faster and easier.

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