Quick Tips

Google Search Tip -- Search One Site

search.gifGoogle is great for scouring the web to help you find things. Sometimes, however, you just want to search one website. Well, Google will do that for you as well. Here's how.

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Copy the Address Behind the Link

httpaddressbar120.jpgHave you ever wanted to save a link that you find in a webpage to read later or email to a friend? Normally you would click on the link, then copy the address from the address bar, then paste it into a word processing document or an email - but there is an easier way. I'll tell you about it in this week's tip.

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32-bit or 64-bit -- Which Do You Have?

bits-bytes.jpgThere is a difference between the 32-bit version of Windows and the 64-bit version of Windows. When you install peripherals like printers, you are often asked to choose the between the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions. You must match your operating system to allow the device to work properly. Not everyone knows which version of Windows their computer is running. Here's how you can find out quickly and easily.

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Automatically Open Daily or Weekly Websites

papercoffee.jpgWe are creatures of habit. We often look at the same websites every day. Some people like to peruse the same website every morning or every week. Here is an easy way to be presented with the websites you like without having to open them separately. It's a cool addon for Firefox called Morning Coffee.

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Quick Calendar


Did you know that Windows has a built-in calendar that you can access with a single click? Well, it does -- and today I'll tell you how to access it.

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Spill Liquids - What To Do


coke spill.jpgWe all know that we probably shouldn't eat or drink while using the computer, yet we all do it. Inevitably, something is going to spill on the keyboard or the laptop. If that happens, quick thinking can be your savior. Here is what to do.

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Switch Between Programs Quickly


Today we all seem to be involved with multi-tasking. It is feeling more and more natural to do several things at once - especially on the computer. So this little tip will let you switch easily from one program to the other.

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