Quick Tips

Make Web Page Larger

Find the text on a webpage too small to read? This tip will give you an easy way to instantly make it larger.

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Charge Your USB Gear Faster

Many of today's digital gadgets can be charged using a USB port on your computer, but there is an easy way to speed up the charging time.

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Can't Get to Save Button

help.jpgYou know that there is a "Save" button on the bottom of the screen, but the screen is cut off so you can't see the Save button and you can't save your document without it. Here's a quick way to make that button or any other item that you cannot access easy to see and to find.

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Magnify the Screen in Windows or Mac


If you have trouble with your vision and need a little help reading Web pages, you can use a utility that is built into both Windows and Mac that can easily be used to magnify any area of the screen.

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Change the Font Size on the Fly

abconboard.jpgWhen working in a Word document, you can adjust the size of the fonts manually by highlighting the text you want to resize and choosing the size from the ribbon at the top of the screen. Often, however, you are not sure what size you want to choose. This tip will let you resize the text and without having to make that choice.

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Tip to Go Back in Microsoft Word

If you use Microsoft Word, there will come a time when you click on one spot in a document and then realize that you want to go back to the place in the document where you just came from. If you are in a long document, this can be problematic. But there is an easy way to go right back to where you came from.

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