Quick Tips

Can't Play Online Videos -- Here's What To Do

entertainment/moveiprojector.jpgRecently I was installing some software at a local business when one of the workers approached me with a problem. She could not play a video on her computer even though co-workers could play it on their computers. The same problem appeared a few days later when I was troubleshooting some computer equipment for a local church and the Pastor could not view a news video on his computer. Since this seems to be happening all over my town, I thought it would make a good topic for a column. So here's the scoop.

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Sandy's Favorite Tips

Working with a computer can be complex, but often there are shortcuts to make your job easier. To give all of you computer users an inside line on some useful maneuvers in computing, I put together some of my favorite shortcuts and tricks. I couldn’t get through a day in front of the computer without using some of these great tips and tricks.

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