Quick Tips

Alexa, Can you say that again?

Sometimes when Alexa speaks to us, we simply don't catch what she said. Or perhaps we didn't quite get the gist of her joke. Its easy to get her to repeat what she said. Just say, "Alea, can you repeat that?" or, "Alexa can you say that again?" She will repeat what she just said. You can ask her to repeat things as many times as you like.

Still don't know what she said? You can go to the Home tab of the Alexa app and tap on Activity where everything she says and everything you say to her is recorded.


Smoke Alarm Tips

What you don't know about smoke alarms really may kill you. Here are some smoke alarm tips from Kidde, one of the leading manufacturers in this industry. Be sure you read this!

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Practice Makes Perfect

Learning to use a new device can take time because it always takes practice. Sometimes that practice requires trial and error.  So here are some tips to get you through.

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Get Help from Others

Need help with your computer, tablet, or phone? There are actually several places that you can go to get help.

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Thwart Gmail Snoops

Today everyone is concerned about security. If you use Gmail, there is an easy way to see if anyone else has looked at your account from a different device.

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