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Looking for the perfect gift for Grandma, Grandpa, or yourself? Amazon has just come up with an offer that is hard to beat. Their new Kindle Paperwhite  bundle is $139. (Limited time offer.) The bundle includes the new 8-GB e-reader, a set of good over-the-ear headphones that usually sells for $79, and a three-month subscription to Audible for audio books (new subscribers only).

After a slight fumble with the first generation Paperwhite reader, Amazon produced  several Paperwhites that I recommended because the e-ink technology is easy on the eyes and can be read in the direct sunlight which is perfect for the patio or the beach. With this new Paperwhite, Amazon corrected all the shortcomings of the Paperwhite. It is now waterproof, which greatly enhances its useability. Even better, it now has Bluetooth capabilities so you can listen to an audio book -- even easier on the eyes.

Amazon lists this as the 10th generation. It is not the 10th Paperwhite, but it is the 10th Kindle reader. Don't let the generations confuse you. Just look for the Paperwhite that is waterproof and has Bluetooth.