Talk. Talk. Talk. If you are texting or emailing from a mobile device you probably don’t have to struggle with that small on-screen keyboard. Just check out the voice recognition capabilities of your device.

Many of today’s phones and tablets have built-in voice recognition. To see if your device has this capability, just start a text or email to get up the on-screen keyboard. Then look for a small microphone icon near, or in, the text entry box. Press that icon and start talking. When you stop talking or press Done, your message will automatically be turned into text.

Over the years, voice recognition has become quite good. You don’t have to sample your voice or do any special tricks. Just start talking. In most cases, the transcription is quite good. If your device makes a mistake, you can correct it with the on-screen keyboard. If you are using a smart phone, this is marvelous for texting. No thumb-typing. Just speak your message and send.