The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is sure to be a great phone, but I was extremely disappointed in its specs. Here's why!

I was hoping that with the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 we'd see some really innovative, disruptive stuff coming from Samsung. Instead, we will be getting a very nice smart phone which is slightly better than the S4….It has a better camera with in-camera HDR, a slightly longer lasting battery, and a slightly faster processor.

Its new features, however, are imitators rather than innovators. There is a finger scanner which was recently introduced in the iPhone. And the S5 will be water and dust resistant like the Sony Xperia. The only unique feature that I haven’t seen before is the built-in heart rate monitor…. A nice idea, but many will find it superfluous.

Like the S4, the S5 will work with the Galaxy Gear Watch which has been completely redesigned with a new operating system called Tizen. Since I found the current Gear watch somewhat lacking, this new version should be much better. Also the S5 will come in several cool colors like Electric Blue and Copper Gold in addition to the standard black and white. It also has a very nice perforated back.

These new features, however, are not enough to get me salivating over this new model. It’s too bad. Since I love the S4, I was really ready to get excited about the S5. Although the S5 is sure to sell well, I think Samsung missed a big opportunity. The new iPhone is almost sure to come in a bigger version, creating a face-to-face competition with the Galaxy. If only Samsung had come up with just one outstanding feature. It didn’t.