frustratedman.jpgCell phones and music players are all like computers - they occasionally burp, freeze, or show other irregularities. Here's my quick tip for fixing these problems.

frustratedman.jpgJust as rebooting a computer can solve a temporary problem. The same is true of many handheld devices. First you can try turning them off and turning your gadget back on again.

If that doesn't work, the manufacturer often recommends what they call a "soft reset". This is usually performed by pressing a reset key by or a special key combination. A soft reset simply resets the device. It does not erase any data or information in the device. Often you can perform a soft reset even if the device is frozen and you can't access its menu. It is a simple process that usually takes less than one minute.

The instructions for performing a soft reset of your device can usually be found in the instruction booklet or can be Googled on the Internet.

Here is one example of a soft reset. To reset an iPod you press and hold the Menu button at the top of the scroll wheel and the Select button in the middle of the scroll wheel simultaneously for about 5 seconds. The screen will go blank and then it will reboot and you will see the Apple logo on the screen.