iphoneAre you getting the most out of your iPhone?? Getting to know how to use your iPhone will make you feel good and make your life a little easier. What could be better than that?

Everyone who owns an iPhone has learned how to make and receive phone calls, texts, and email. So today we will focus on those little things you may not know about using your iPhone. Several of these tips will be useful to iPad owners, as well.

First a little terminology:

Tap means to quickly touch the icon, button, or word.

Double-tap means to quickly touch the item twice in a row.

Press and hold means that instead of tapping a button, or a word or icon on the screen, your press and hold your finger on it for two seconds.

Even if the phone is locked

Did you know that even while your iPhone is locked, you can access certain functions? Start the audio controls by double-tapping on the home button when the lock screen appears. The controls will appear for whatever audio app you used last, whether iTunes music, Pandora, other music app. If you are using the latest version of the operating system, you will also see a camera icon on the bottom of the lock screen. Drag the camera icon in an upward position to start the camera quickly without unlocking the phone.

Get to Siri quickly
If your iPhone has Siri, you can access her by anytime by pressing and holding the home key. This also works when the screen is locked.

Shortcut to search
A very useful shortcut is an easy way to get to the Apple search page. Just go to the first home screen and swipe across it from the left to the right. The search screen will come up. You can search for apps, contacts, email, and just about anything on your iPhone. One interesting thing is that this screen is also an easy way to search the Web using Google or get information from Wikipedia. Once you enter a search term, the last two search results are always Search the Web and Search Wikipedia. So you can search on the Web without even opening your browser.

Quit apps
It’s easy to start apps, but stopping them is not really intuitive. You have to know how to do it. After the phone is unlocked, double-tap the home button. You will see a row of icons at the bottom of the screen representing the open apps. Swipe to the left to see all the apps that are open. You may be amazed to see how many you have used. To close an app, just press and hold any app icon in this row. When you do that, a minus sign will appear beside each app. Touching the minus sign by any app will close that app.

Save Web Images
t is very easy to copy any pictures you see on the Web. Start Safari and look around a little. When you see a picture that you would like to save, just press your finger on the picture and hold it for a second or two. A menu will appear. Choose “Save Image” and the image will be added to your camera roll. Start the Picture app and tap Camera Roll to see all the pictures you have saved from the Web.

Quick Erase
You can use your iPhone just like an Etch-a-Sketch. Type something and if you decide you don’t want it, just shake the iPhone and you will get up a choice that says Undo Typing.

Take a Picture of the Screen
Press the home button and the on/off (sleep) button at the same time and a picture of whatever is on your iPhone’s screen will be saved to your camera roll. This may take a little practice because you must be sure to press them simultaneously. When you do it right, the screen will flash and you will hear a sound that sounds like a shutter snapping.

Quickly Silence a Call
If your phone rings when you are in church, at the opera, or in an important meeting, you can quickly stop the phone from ringing by pressing the power button on top of the phone. Pressing the volume buttons on the side will also work. Don’t worry. The call will go to your voice mail so the caller can still leave a message.

Hard Reset
All phones, even iPhones sometimes act up. If your phone isn’t working properly or seems to be acting sluggish or weird, it is time to do what is called a “hard reset”. Hold down both the home and on/off (sleep) button at the same time. Hold them down until the phone powers off and you see the Apple logo. Then release them. Like rebooting a computer, this is a good thing to do every month or so, just to give the device a clean start.

Since the iPad and iPod Touch use the same operating system, many of these tips will also work on those devices.