digitalcameras.jpgWith the holidays approaching, we will all be taking a lot of digital photos. There is nothing worse than getting ready to take an important photo only to find out that the battery has no power. Here’s a quick tip to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

digitalcameras.jpgThe best way to be sure that your camera's battery is charged is to remember to charge it up the day before you want to use it. However, that isn't always as easy as it sounds.  A way to cover yourself may be to purchase an extra battery for your digital camera. Many electronic device retailers offer name brand and third-party batteries for a variety of cameras. Charge up both batteries and keep the extra one handy just in case you need it.

Also, there are still some digital cameras that use AA batteries. This is a good option for forgetful camera buffs. With this type of camera, even if you don't have any extra batteries handy, you can always make a quick dash to the store or to a neighbor's house to get the batteries you need.