bookwithbookmark.jpgIf you were lucky enough to get an ebook reader for Christmas, there are plenty of free ebooks at this website. And if you didn't get an ebook reader, don't fret, you can read these books right on your computer screen.

bookwithbookmark.jpgBooks are great except when they start to overtake your home. I know that recently I donated hundreds of books to our local library and resale store because my book shelves simply could not hold any more books. That's one of the reasons that ebooks are so wonderful. They don't take up any room on your bookshelf.

At you can read thousands of free ebooks. They have almost 250,000 books of every type from classics to how-to's to murder mysteries. These books are all in the public domain, so you can download them or read them on your computer for free. Most of the books are in the PDF format or in plain text format so they will work with many ebook readers.

The ebooksread website isn't perfect. It is a bit cluttered and has ads, but the books are free and there is a large variety, especially of older books and classics. You can search for books by title or author or you can just browse through the collection.

If you decide to read these books on your computer, be sure to resize the text so you can read.