Google Adds an Undo Function to Gmail

gmailIf you ever wished you could take back an email after you presses “Send”, your wish has been granted. Gmail has just announced an “undo send” option for its Gmail users. This option has been available in a trial version, but it has now gone mainstream.


Windows 10 To Be Released in July

Windows10IT’S OFFICIAL. The release date for Windows 10 will be July 29, 2015. And it will be FREE to qualified Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 devices, which includes most home users.


HBO Moves to Streaming

In an unprecedented move, HBO will now offer their content through streaming devices. Until now, the only way to get HBO content was to add it to a cable or satellite subscription. Now that will no longer be necessary. You will be able to subscribe to HBO Now and view it through an Apple device like Apple TV. Android devices will be added soon. The price has been set at $14.99 which is a typical price that many cable and satellite services charge for HBO when you add it to your subscription.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning to use a new device can take time because it always takes practice. Sometimes that practice requires trial and error.  So here are some tips to get you through.


Get Help from Others

Need help with your computer, tablet, or phone? There are actually several places that you can go to get help.


Where to Get Instructions for your new Device

If you are ready to learn a little more about your cell phone or tablet to make the most of your investment, you may find it difficult to find the instructions you need. This is especially true because none of the today’s devices come with any sort of instruction manual. That means that you have to find your own way of getting the information you need.


Thwart Gmail Snoops

Today everyone is concerned about security. If you use Gmail, there is an easy way to see if anyone else has looked at your account from a different device.