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Moving Your Printer? Here's a Special Tip

Want to keep your ink jet printer in tip-top shape? Be sure to follow this one important tip.


Printer Doesn't Work - Try This

If your printer won't turn on, all may not be lost. There is one thing you can try that may bring it back to life.


10 Tips for Online Shopping Safety

Amazingly, in today's topsy-turvy world, because of vulnerabilities in the processing of credit and debit cards used at retail stores and the hackers who are focusing on those vulnerabilities, right now shopping online can actually be safer than swiping your card at a local store. For safety sake, however, there are a few online shopping rules that you should follow.


How to Avoid Downloading Junk

Be careful when you search for a program to download. You may get what you are looking for, plus a lot of extra trashy programs that will eventually give you a big headache. Here's what to look for to avoid aggravation.


Internet Explorer Hole Puts Millions at Risk

ie7logoA big vulnerability has been found in Internet Explorer. You don’t even have to know what version of Internet Explorer you are using because all the current versions from 6 to 11 are affected. If you are clicking on the “big blue E” to get on the Internet, you are affected.

Here's what you need to do

Computer Problems Plague Everyone - Even Me!

Why do things change on your computer? One day everything comes up just as it normally does. The next day, you can't get on the Internet, the icons are in a different place, and/or your program is working differently. Well I am here to tell you that everyone has problems like this -- even me! Here's the whole story!